July Property Management Newsletter

As we close in on our 16th week of Sheltering in Place, and pass the 100th day mark, California faces an explosion of new COVID-19 cases, Gov. Gavin Newsom ordered seven counties to shut down bars. The ban, however, doesn’t apply to restaurants that serve alcohol or bars that serve food. As of Wednesday, California has 232,416 confirmed cases of COVID-19, prompting two East Bay counties to pause reopening plans. Despite the increase in confirmed Coronavirus cases there are those who want to reopen to be able to get back to work to generate money to pay for their family’s home, food, and daily necessities. The elderly population wanting hair salons to reopen so that they can have their hair washed in order to avoid having to step into their showers and potentially fall, leading a simple desire for personal hygiene to end in a trip to the hospital. Small business owners who are at risk of losing it all – small business and subsequently their homes and livelihoods. Parents who are concerned about the upcoming school year, childcare needs and how to balance risk. Santa Clara County previews new COVID-19 reopening plan Order that includes across-the-board guidelines for all open businesses set to be released this week….

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