The Junction

14975 Los Gatos Boulevard

After decades of planning, the North 40 project has become reality. Located in the bucolic town of Los Gatos, California, the first phase of construction is now underway.

This new, authentically Los Gatos village features a mix of housing, retail, and restaurant opportunities. The residences are tied together with an open space plan that embraces the site’s agricultural history through functioning community gardens and orchard treatments.

The heart of the project comes alive with The Junction, a handpicked specialty market and collection of neighborhood-serving retail, cafes, restaurants, and bars. Neighbors, friends, and families can gather and celebrate the Los Gatos quality of life and slow down from the frenetic Silicon Valley pace.

We are seeking restaurant and retail partners who are passionate about their craft that can help us realize our vision. It is a once in a generation opportunity to be a part of this special place.

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